Divisions/ Opinion

United we stand; Divided we fall.

I have found life confounding these days. This is simply because of the people I come across who do not think politics affects their lives. Some of these folks vote, many of them do not cast a ballot. The disaffected are difficult to convince that they are just hurting themselves.

I strongly think people avoid politics due to the complex nature of individual stances based upon personal beliefs that are often not based on fact. People may feel they do not know much about a subject; reading and research was never encouraged by parents or teachers. Being smart is uncool; being popular rules all our actions.

The result is a culture where some are educated, well-read, and opinionated. The rest of us are not. Those left out of the body politic are more likely to take ideas or ideologies at face value.

Each election cycle voter turnout is quite low. This allows bad actors to gain power. Many of these polls have enacted policies that hurt those who do not vote the most financial hardship. Most take the magic beans and give away the cow.

Today we have calls to build barriers, leave people out, and pull up the ladder so those behind us cannot escape their impoverished state. Racism is the elephant in the room. There is a willful ignorance of our history too.

After multiple shootings where corrupt police have murdered people of color the white population seems indifferent. This attitude takes us back to the Jim Crow era. Still, the majority is unwilling to see the acts of violence as nothing more than a criminal culture of color. How is this still happening?

People do not want to debate this topic. Why? Simply put, watching is easier than reading; passively absorbing an angry message is easy. Going against the grain to prove the message untrue is a challenge. Exploiting a group of angry citizens becomes all too possible. We see this in our renewed focus on immigration.

Systemically most citizens have been assimilated. However, since the slavery era our country has denied wealth, class, and advantage to one group. This has led us into a new century where too many believe this group has been given too much. If you ignore politics you are way more likely to swallow the Kool-aid of hate and divisions.

The wall. Imagine that we told immigrants from Europe to go back. Our highest elected official painted with a broad brush to call you a rapist, drug dealer, and killer. Remember, there are no hard facts to support any of these claims. The people from South of the border are seen like all people of color are seen—not worthy of citizenship. This is a dangerous idea.

Our divisions are only as great as we allow. People should look closer to see what is common. All people want to do well. We need to struggle against a system too rigid to allow for change. Only people can make the necessary difference. Divisions are made by bad actors. The politics of this are seen in a working class that ignores how hate will ultimately destroy them.

5 Billion Dollars?  The Roman Empire built a wall.  China built a wall.
Slaves built walls.
Why does a democracy need a wall?

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