Post Malone/Hollywood’s Bleeding

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” on Republic Records was released on September 5, 2019. The follow-up to the multi-platinum “Beer Bongs & Bentleys” has reached #1 on Billboard this week.

The Syracuse, NY born, Grapevine, TX raised rap/rocker has become the country’s top performer.

I must admit that I never expected such a personality to become so popular. He has such a disarming voice. And his tattooed appearance includes face ink, perhaps the last taboo in the pop world!

His real name is Austin Richard Post. A rap name generator gave him Post Malone. This method of name selection seems too easy. Like many a millenial idol, his music is also too simple.

The 18 tracks are diverse in style. The lyrics are repetitive. Several collaborations are featured including Ozzy Osbourne. Like the tastes of many young listeners today he is all over the place.

The title track opens the proceedings with a lament that tinsel town is bleeding from all the sex and drugs of its stars. Without naming names the vocals are strong.

If you are an older listener there is little to find here you have not heard before. Catchy melodies, boastful raps, and syncopated drum machines are omnipresent.

The strength for me are the vocal delivery of this often trite material. After all, Mr. Malone is just 24. If he lasts into his thirties as a music star he will hopefully mature into a better songwriter.

“Enemies” is all about the seeming impossibility to have real friends in a business of entourages and stringers.

“Allergic” is a catchy piece. This New wave groove pulsates with lyrics about drugs hindering any chance for a relationship.

“Circles” is the latest single in release. A basic pop track about letting go of being together. The lyrics are among the many trite offerings in this long playlist.

The chorus: ‘run away but we’re running in circles. run away. run away’. Sounds like Jack Johnson. This is the kind of track young listeners reward with multiple streams today.

The delivery of the material is good. The vocals are consistently good across the songs offered in this collection. The collaborations are okay.

For rock purists, the song “Take What You Want” feat. Ozzy Osbourne is the only dose you will find here. It’s the only track with electric guitars too.

Distilled to its basic elements this record sounds like a Kurt Cobain type singer complaining about being rich & famous.

Auto tune is what divides today’s listeners from previous generations. In my opinion there is too much of it here.

Post Malone has managed to become a star at 24. He realizes the pitfalls are many for someone in his position. Hopefully he stays around long enough to release a less commercially targeted effort.

This album worked. He is debuting this week, September 21, 2019 at #1 on the chart not just in the US but in several countries around the world.

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