Harry Styles/ Fine Line

If you get the Winter blues may I suggest a 45 minute escape?

The second album from Harry Styles might just do the trick.

A tall bright glass of iced tea with a dash of sweetener is what you will receive on the first half of this platter.

Soulful, full bodied vocals with angelic backing singers on the opener ‘Golden’ made me feel happy.

“Watermelon Sugar”, “Adore”, “Lights Up”, and “Cherry” are a flow of emotion that you feel in the rush of love.

All have their individual arrangements with plenty of vulnerable pleading.

“Falling” begins the second half. What happens if a relationship dissolves?

The confession here is soulful. A contemplative series of questions follows:

‘What am I now? What if I’m someone I don’t want around?’What if I’m down? What if I’m out? What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?

Falling in and out with someone can be painful but the idea of transition is rendered powerfully.

Then we get cool acoustic strumming on the track, ‘To Be So Lonely’.

Reflection of self as a rejected partner with snappy hooks that are just enough to push the melody along.

‘She’ is a story song. It’s about a professional who has a fantasy partner he daydreams every day.

A surprising spacey jam that lasts beyond the final note. This is one of the two tracks over 6 minutes long.

Reggae takes over with the vocally delightful ‘Sunflower, Vol. 6’. A great beat with a gentle feel that wraps around the listener.

No matter where in the world you are a sweet loving memory can carry you through until you get back home.

This is the bouncy steel guitars of ‘Canyon Moon’. Looking forward to homecoming as the set nears its end.

Coming back to wonderment and happiness after our down times with the killer song, ‘Treat People With Kindness’ tells us it’s okay.

The other epic concludes the record. It happens to be the title track, ‘Fine Line’.

An invisible fine line between two people who are willing to open up to expand their love must happen.

Fine percussion, synth, and vocals leave you feeling alright as the finality hits.

Then, of course, you will want to hit replay or flip the platter and drop that needle again.

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