Dirty Shirley

Frontiers records is primed as the home of hard rock collaborations done right.

Guitar legend George Lynch (ex-Dokken, Lynch Mob, & Badlands) and Dino Jelusic (Animal Drive) have joined forces on this debut.


  • George Lynch Guitars
  • Dino Jelusic Vocals
  • Will Hunt Keyboards
  • Trevor Roxx Drums

Many styles of hard rock are performed over the 11 songs, including bluesy melodic sludgy riffs and energetic vocals that are Chris Cornell, Geoff Tate, Ronnie James Dio, and David Coverdale rolled into one superlative delivery.

Eponymous debut ‘Dirty Shirley ‘.
Released January 24, 2020
Frontiers records

I was browsing new releases when the art seen above hit me. A play on Grant Wood’s masterpiece, ‘American Gothic’.

The farm couple are replaced by a young couple of hard rock fandom.

Complete in their black leather the woman gazes uneasily at a partner holding a baseball bat and what appears to be a bloodstained tank top.

A plane overhead suggests they dwell in flyover country. The dwelling in the background is boarded up.

The first single was the opener, ‘Here Comes The King’. There is a music video available too.

Dino has a ton of charisma as a tycoon in the clip. This track is bluesy, progressive and groovy.

George Lynch plays a double neck axe as well.

The rest of the music proceeds as follows:

  • Dirty Blues
  • I Disappear
  • The Dying
  • Last Man Standing
  • Siren Song
  • The Voice of a Soul
  • Cold
  • Escalator To Purgatory
  • Higher
  • Grand Master
  • Higher (Alternate Cut) (Bonus Track)

On ‘I Disappear’ there is fine solo work four minutes into an epic 6:57 song. Dino has such precision his vocals only enhance the instrumentation. A nice grungy track.

The record provides dirty boogie rock on ‘Last Man Standing’ with wails that are so Dio-like it’s like he was resurrected.

‘Siren Song’ is a fine rocker with punch. The playing is Deep Purple meets Uriah Heep.

‘The Voice of a Soul’ is deep vocals, hot keys, and burning licks. The lengthiest song at 7:08. I appreciated its arrangement more upon the second listen.

‘Siren Song’, ‘Escalator to Purgatory ‘, and ‘Higher’ could certainly all be released as singles. ‘Purgatory’ has such great hooks.

In short this entire record is the album Aerosmith wishes they could still make.

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