Zenith/ Enforcer

This album does what many metal records intend but actually delivers on its promise. The production is lean with such a clear sense of itself.

Zenith from Swedish metal masters Enforcer is simply an all killer no filler affair.

  • Die For The Devil
  • Zenith of the Black Sun
  • Searching For You
  • Regrets
  • The End of a Universe
  • Sail On
  • One Thousand Years of Darkness
  • Thunder and Hell
  • Forever We Worship The Dark
  • Ode To Death


Delivering their message of becoming one with the forces of dark could easily be construed as silly but this band means it!

Throughout the world heavy metal fans revel in their temporal state of oneness. This record provides this pleasure in great measure.


A sizable chunk of music here is about how we face endings. Using a self invented mythology the band takes its listeners to a really hot place. The so called black sun is reaching its apex. Celebrate this time. It passes too quickly.

A stomp of real majestic rock is on full display. Mixing traditional metal with doom adding just the right amount of solos and riffs to rock any metalhead.

Great Evil

A chase to find those lost is at the center of ‘Searching For You’. I wish they had used a different title. Anyhow, this tune pounds away in a glorious combo of Blue Oyster Cult style riffage and Deep Purple wailing vocals.

‘Regrets’ is a fine power metal plead for the restoration of lost love. This could have been this record’s Achilles heel, but it’s a killer song. Reminded me of band’s like Savatage who have a knack for creating heavy music that works.

“The End of a Universe ” ends side one with a molten mix of pop metal beats mixed with traditional vocals. A mighty climactic propulsive moment that brings us to the ultimate. Wailing vocals that roll and rock brilliantly.

‘Sail On’ has progressive style with open wide vocals encouraging us to continue onward.

Ode To Black

The final four songs comprise a salute to every soul across our world and to worlds unknown that embrace the dark as something wonderful. Blackness is a lifeforce.

It’s mad I know but Enforcer has managed to mix disparate elements of metal to rock us like we had never been rocked.

A Zenith to be sure!

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