Burning Witches/ Burning Alive

R E v I e w

Burning Alive is digitally released on Nuclear Blast records.

An all female metal band from Switzerland, had 2 albums, the eponymous debut in 2017 & Witch Hammer in 2018.

This release from 2019 expands an e.p. into an 11 track record plus 4 bonus songs recorded live.

Current Line-up:

  • Laura Guldemond on Vocals
  • Romana Kalkuhl Guitar
  • Sonia Nusselder Guitar
  • Jeanine Grob Bass
  • Lala Fresh Servant Drums

A traditional heavy metal record with some bursts of old school might. Too bad the whole affair does not quite feel complete.

‘Black Widow ‘ is a decent opener with the requisite scorching riffs that may remind any listener of early ’80’s Judas Priest.

‘Burning Witches’ churns away with intricate guitar work that opens up into a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) gallop.

The rhythm is Iron Maiden like in both sound and efficiency.

‘Bloody Rose’ practices ritual metal. The incantation is the stuff of doom. It’s done really well here.

‘The Dark Companion’ is one of the best tracks on the record.

A tonal shift happens that changes up the style a bit. If this is their relaxer track I am fine with it.

The melody is furious. Galloping guitars that never let up. You get enveloped with the vocals too.

‘Metal Demons’ is a terror out of the gate. Like the best tracks of their glam power compatriots Krokus, this is pure power metal.

‘Save Me’ is the closest thing to a ballad on here. It never falls into morass but belts outward with great power.

‘Creatures Of The Night’ is Lizzy Borden lite. Similar melody and licks but lacking in gravitas nonetheless. Feels unnecessary here.

‘We Eat Your Children’ a cackle then spitfire vocals create a gothic feel. Dark age metal with a pretty goofy chorus.

The last two tracks, ‘Creator Of Hell’ & ‘The Deathlist’ just retread what had been fresh on the earlier tracks.

Overall not terrible but then again not worth its length of nearly an hour.

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