Primal Future: 2019

Toxic Holocaust

With the release of their sixth album since Joel Grind founded the group, “Primal Future: 2019”, is a thrash doom showcase.

Along with Tyler Becker on drums and Robert Gray on guitars the trio from Portland, Oregon is taking the metal community by force of creative music that delivers.

Cover art by Ed Repka who is notable for his work with Megadeth and Death.
  • Chemical Warlords
  • Black Out The Code
  • New World Beyond
  • Deafened By The Roar
  • Time’s Edge
  • Primal Future
  • Iron Cage
  • Controlled By Fear
  • Aftermath
  • Cybernetic War

Think Motorhead, Metallica, and Megadeth in describing this band’s sound. Pretty high praise that is earned. In just 39 minutes the 10 tracks represent what doom thrash is all about.

Raising questions concerning a future where tech undermines basic humanity. Is a future where society decays into oblivion an inevitability?

Our thermonuclear age has been in the planning for a long time. Cybernetic warfare is our fate. The horror is fuel for this branch of heavy metal. Toxic Holocaust has a lot to say. Check this one out.

Toxic Holocaust

Cities are turned to ash in a primal age of deceptive politics in the hellscape imagined.

Facing our worst fears through heavy music is why I love discovering bands like Toxic Holocaust.

Their catalog features “Evil Never Dies”. An epic of thrash fury. Doomy riffs aplenty in ‘Enemy of Jesus’. ‘Exxxecutioner’ is a feast of drumming and Lemmy like vocals with enough gravel to empty a quarry.

“An Overdose Of Death” & “Hell On Earth” are also worthy listens.

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