21st Century Blues

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I grew up in the 20th Century when despite awful politics America was enjoying its prosperity thanks to World War II. I am saddened to report it but this era is officially over. Over the course of decades and many election cycles the USA has embraced rule by the rich few a.k.a. Plutocracy.

Plutocrats stand for the dollar, nothing else. The political class is wealthy and connected. We are taught to consume not criticize. I remember being taught in first grade that we were the greatest country. Never mind the genocide of Native American Tribes. Historical sympathy was dictated to us based on slavery. Do you ever hear about the Native American vote? No.

The truth is avoided by every American especially by those in power. We are encouraged to shut up about religion, politics, and anything else of consequence despite our sterling First Amendment right to do otherwise.

I am gay. I am atheist. I am told every day I could never be elected. Americans believe Angels exist. But a deadly virus like Covid? The believers cannot believe it! Yeah, I got the 21st Century blues.

So at the dawn of the 21st Century the American power structure was seized by our far right extremist fringe. With the exception of its first Black president which happened only because blacks finally voted en masse we have had regimes that sowed discord and actual death upon its people.

History is not inevitable. We do not have to accept this new normal as the ruling class dictates it to us. Forget lionizing ‘essential’ people and let’s fight for our Democracy!

I live in New York City. I was born here. Day after day after day we are dictated to by mass media we are the greatest city in the world. We are not. No place in the world has this title. Our rulers decided to base our economy on tourism. Welcome to New York—bring money!

This is why I have the 21st Century blues. One regime allowed a terrorist attack and another allowed a pandemic. In between another generation or two were raised to remain quiet, obedient, and conformist. It’s why we are taught to love sports and competition.

Another reason for my blues is the fact that when A.I.D.S. was spreading the American regime, also Republican, did nothing because at first it only killed homosexuals. What happened to the Opioid crisis? The Vaping crisis? Just focus on Covid citizen, move along.

The late great Gore Vidal said we are the United States of Amnesia because we easily forget all the important information and remember so much meaningless crap.

Social Media has been the worst viral infection of all in my opinion. False stories spread fast around the world. The big lie being used to dismantle American democracy is that only far right trickle down economics will help. Today, the USA begins its second Great Depression!

Over 25 million Americans are unemployed; the regime only cares about holding onto power.

When will Americans fight for Democracy? Your jobs and health were taken away by a would be dictator who wants to bring about America’s first reich. If you think this sounds crazy you have not been reading a newspaper.

Oh, I have got the 21st Century Blues!

If I could do it tomorrow I would move to Denmark.

Thank you to everyone who takes time out to read my blog. Please continue reading my other posts as well. The Gate is always open to you!

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