Dear Readers of Evan’s Gate announcing my new YouTube Channel! I recognize there are a lot of metalheads doing this sort of thing already, but I want to bring what I can to the table.

Meeting Metalheads

One of my aims is to meet new friends who share the same passion for heavy music. No matter where in the world they live I want to connect with them on YouTube as well as this blog.

NEW Golden Age Of Heavy Metal

Sweden’s Ghost has broken through the mainstream barrier here in the United States with their recent release, Impera. It actually topped Billboard!

Iron Maiden remain the standard bearers for tradtional metal music. Their 17th album Senjutsu was their 5th #1 record in their native UK. In America they managed to peak at #3 with no media support!

Personal Best

I have reached my golden years as a metalhead. Being married to my husband is the greatest gift I have evere received. We love each other. My commitment to music remains. It’s a life. Since 2010 there have been countless great releases from metal bands in Sweden, Germany, and Britain.

This year alone new albums by Britain’s prolific new wave metal titans Saxon, Sweden’s Ghost, and Iceland’s Power Paladin have been worth the wait. It does not really matter how much chart success they get but it feels pretty great when it happens.

This is my stereo set-up here at home!

I will discuss all heavy metal music along with Horror, Sci-Fi movies and books.

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