Metal Videos & Horror Delights

During the past 2 years I found YouTube became a great source for heavy metal music videos.

The latest trend has been animated clips from bands like Sabaton and Iron Maiden.

Metal music is thriving again. Being off the radar of mainstream outlets is a good thing.

Because today’s music videos are truly cinematic you can explore sub genres of metal knowing you will find incredibly high quality performance that just did not exist before the 2010’s.

Horror Delights

Shudder is a streaming platform created by AMC featuring all matter of horror cinema plus original programs like the anthology Creepshow.

The platform allows its viewers to write reviews and award 1—5 red skulls as a rating.

April marks the halfway point in the calendar to Halloween. John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise is featured among many Classics from Nosferatu (now 100 years old) and Hellraiser plus Phantasm.

10 chapters in the saga of Michael Myers, a boy who killed his sister on Halloween night then came home in the ensuing years to kill his relatives.

I have seen over 200 horror films in the past 2 months. You face your fears. Life itself is never as grim as these tales. Imagination is the ultimate escape.

You see I find this type of cinema enlightening and cathartic. The misfits are often the heros. And the action is never dull. The films usually run just 90 minutes. That’s all the time needed to tell a dark story.

Creature features like Dracula and Frankenstein continue to fascinate us while modern super natural tales like Re-Animator both repulse and attract our senses.

Slasher films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Mother’s Day, Maniac, and Friday The 13th probe American obsessions like depravity with complete earnestness. The monsters in these films are human.

My appreciation for horror began in high school when I took an elective in Senior year. We watched classic and modern sci-fi and horror. The Terminator to Alien.

My favorite franchise films include all 5 Phantasm pictures and all 5 Alien films. The mobsters have a mystique about them. They cannot be easily defeated. Humans are forced to adapt to cope with the never ending attack.

An extraordinary enigmatic Alien, The Tall Man, with strange abilities uses the guise of mortician to abduct humans and crush them into dwarves. He sends out silver spheres to suck out the minds of its victims. He needs an army of undead slaves to serve his purposes off planet. Locals, Mike, his older brother Jody, and their friend Reggie will become the Tall Man’s obsession.

So dear readers you have homework to do unless you have also seen everything mentioned in this week’s blog!

Go watch the metal Videos on YouTube and watch a horror film or two or three….beware The Tall Man!

Watch my YouTube channel METALEv.


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