Chiller Theater Toy & Model Expo

Parsippany Hilton In New Jersey

Imagine walking into a hotel ballroom only to find nearly every single item you might have had as a kid is available again. This is the feeling that overcame me at this expo on Sunday May 1, 2022. This was the first expo of its kind in over 2 years!

Filled with pop culture from the 1960’s, 70s and 80s there was a lot of models and toys from horror franchises like Halloween, Creepshow, Friday The 13th and Saw. Action figures are highly collectible items nowadays. Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and many other Sci-Fi classics were represented too.

Posters from the 1980s were here—Friday The 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street are pop classics now. Jason’s hockey mask from Friday The 13th was the biggest item.

Walking around you find many horror fans are heavy metal music devotees as well. Monsters and folklore cross into the consciousness of both art forms.

Trading cards from yesterday included Alien, Star Trek, and Buck Rogers. Posters of Frankenstein’s Monster, Phantom of the Opera, Wolfman and Mummy from the 1930’s and 1940s were ubiquitous. Dracula Starring Bela Lugosi is its own cottage industry.

  • Halloween III The Season Of The Witch figures of trick or treaters: Skeleton/Witch/Pumpkin.
  • Flash Gordon Animated Series—Ming The Merciless figure.
  • Re-Animator–Dr. Herbert West figure. Seen below!
  • A Die-Cast miniature of the Mystery Machine Van from Scooby-Doo.
NECA Action figure of Dr. Herbert West from classic Re-Animator.

Classic Monsters of Filmland, Eerie, and Creepy magazines back issues were in abundance. Fangoria magazine was also present.

Celebrities From Little House, Zoom, West Side Story, Land Of The Lost, M*A*S*H, and Back To The Future were autographing and taking selfies for a price.

I met Maura from Zoom and Russ Tamblyn from the classic West Side Story!

After 3 hours I was done with the show. A satisfying and surreal day. Meeting two people from the pop culture from very different media in the same day was amazing. Once in a lifetime.

Channel on YouTube METALEv—A talk featuring the Chiller Theater Expo will Premiere today!

Here’s the Promo Clip For this Week’s Show! Please check it out! Thanks Dear Readers.

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