Judas Priest

Judas Priest will be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! The award is excellence in music.

I was pleased this honor will come to them. After all they are nicknamed ‘metal gods’ to their global fan base.

Lead vocalist Rob Halford pioneered the leather and studs look of metal music. His voice launched a new generation of rock singer.

The band are touring now to celebrate their 50 heavy metal years. The first studio album, Rocka Rolla, in 1972 and their latest scorcher was 2017’s ‘Firepower ‘.

Videos were made for the metal golden age in the 1980s. MTV had Priest videos in heavy rotation.

Their studio records British Steel, Point of Entry, Screaming For Vengeance, and Defenders of the Faith defined the sound of metal.

From this set of records came the images and sounds that defined a generation. Teenage boys were dressed in leather and studs, with long hair, and band tee- shirts.

My life changed with Judas Priest’s arrival as the metal band to aspire to as a rebel. I dressed in leather, grew my hair, and went to concerts.

The band continued to tour releasing new music in between cycles.

Turbo in 1986 vaulted them into the mainstream. The audience got larger.

Their intense energy on stage made them a force nobody could top. Other than Iron Maiden they are the best metal band of all time.

The honor is overdue and well deserved.

Judas Priest are celebrating 50 Years together.

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