Kirk Hammett’s Portals/Review

Kirk Through The Decades

Track List

1.Maiden and the Monster 07:17
2.The Jinn 06:57
3.High Plains Drifter 04:45infobuy track
4.The Incantation 08:07
A 4 track instrumental E.P. releases on Record Store Day, April 23rd 2022. Running time: 27 minutes.
Metallica’s Guitarist Kirk Hammett has made his first solo set, Portals, an E.P.

Touring with his bandmates for over 4 decades and collecting a ton of horror film memorabilia along the way he finally found a place for music he has been ‘sitting on’.

Metallica fans will love this set. Non-followers of America’s biggest metal act may be wooed by this eclectic, moody, and at times classical sounding music inspired by horror soundtracks and orchestras.

‘High Plains Drifter’ is a western track inspired by Clint Eastwood movies that would fit the intro to any Metallica show.

‘Monster and The Maiden’ is a beautiful track that has many change-ups that specifically recall horror cinema at its finest.

For my money “The Jinn” and “The Incantation” are both really strong. Mr. Hammett’s abilities are on full display. And what a worthwhile achievement this record is for music lovers everywhere!

Mixed by Kirk Hammett and Bob Rock.

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