Jack White Entering Heaven Alive

Entering Heaven Alive is the fifth studio album by the American rock musician Jack White, released on July 22, 2022, through Third Man Records.

Jack White – vocals (all tracks), acoustic guitar (1–4, 8–11), percussion (1, 2, 6, 7), drums (2, 7, 8, 10), electric guitar (tracks 2, 5, 8), bass guitar (tracks 2, 4, 7, 8), ukele bass (track 2), Hammond organ (track 2), vibraphone (track 3), Wurlitzer piano (track 3), additional perscussion (tracks 3, 5), Chamberlin drum machine (track 5), Mellotron M4000D (track 6), Hammond Solovox (track 6), piano (track 7), analog Mellotron (track 8), Septavox synthesizer (track 8)

Session musiciansBen Swank – drums (tracks 1, 9)Dominic Davis – bass guitar (tracks 1, 5, 9), upright bass (tracks 6, 11)Mark Watrous – piano (track 1), additional keys (track 3), Wurlitzer piano (track 9)Olivia Jean – Tic-Tac bass guitar (track 2), electric guitar (track 2), live percussion (track 3), shakers (track 11)Patrick Keeler – drums (3, 6, 11)Fats Kaplin – violin (tracks 3, 11), viola (track 3), strings (track 3)Dean Fertita – Wurlitzer piano solo (track 3)Cory Younts – live piano (track 3), piano (track 11)Quincy McCrary – piano (tracks 3, 5, 9, 10)Pokey LaFarge – acoustic guitar (tracks 3, 11)Daru Jones – drums (track 5)Dan Mancini – acoustic guitar (track 6)Jack Lawrence – bass guitar (track 10)


1.“A Tip from You to Me”2:42
2.“All Along the Way”3:52
3.“Help Me Along”4:46
4.“Love Is Selfish”2:52
5.“I’ve Got You Surrounded (With My Love)”4:24
6.“Queen of the Bees”2:30
7.“A Tree on Fire from Within”2:59
8.“If I Die Tomorrow”2:59
9.“Please God, Don’t Tell Anyone”4:00
10.“A Madman from Manhattan”4:26
11.“Taking Me Back (Gently)”4:36
Running Time: 40 mins 36 secs

The Jack White Canon

Jack White’s solo works all have a wide selection of acoustic/electric guitars intertwined with synths and even vibraphone. He has the gift of a musician who seems to have dropped into our nascent pop/rock times to deliver music that existed a long time ago. A balladeer of sorts who brings the alta dimensions of music into our mainstream conscious.

Texture and Ambient Layers

A longing for love takes on new passages with bars of music the listener can pour over again and again.

Here are some of the hi-lights on an album loaded with them:

“Help Me Along” has a bittersweet message to deliver with synth and drum swells that shift constantly. Adventurous tune.

“I’ve Got You Surrounded (With My Love)” is a damn good light wavy rock/jazz hybrid with light piano keys and bass punctuated by wah-wah effects and drums.

“Queen Of The Bees” is a love tune with a shuffle style that is sublime. This could have been a Beatles tune.

“A Tree On Fire From Within” has wonderful cymbal punctuations backed with piano, bass, and electric guitar. It chugs along with lyrics of wanting friendships. Again this layering works so well you will hit repeat right away. It’s one of several Dylanesque numbers sprinkled throughout the album.

This record is folksy filled with moods of despair and hope.

Fear Of The Dawn

Fear of the Dawn was released on April 8, 2022

In November 2021, White revealed that he would release two solo albums in 2022: Fear of the Dawn, which will feature White’s traditional rock sound, and Entering Heaven Alive, a folk album released on July 22.

The Musicians:

The Tracks:

1.“Taking Me Back” 3:59
2.“Fear of the Dawn” 2:02
3.“The White Raven” 2:43
4.Hi-De-Ho” (featuring Q-Tip)WhiteKamaal FareedCab CallowayBuster HardingJack Palmer3:56
5.“Eosophobia” 3:41
6.“Into the Twilight”WhiteJohn Dizzy GillespieFrank PaparelliJon HendricksJay GraydonAlan Paul4:41
7.“Dusk” 0:30
8.“What’s the Trick?” 3:34
9.“That Was Then (This Is Now)” 3:10
10.“Eosophobia (Reprise)” 3:12
11.“Morning, Noon and Night” 4:45
12.“Shedding My Velvet” 3:41
Total length:39:54
This is the 4th Album and 2nd Solo Release of 2022 from Jack White

Sample credits


“Taking Me Back” bursts out of the gate with swirling fiddle and piano with an overlay of nimble acoustic guitar. A jaunty song that could be played in a old west saloon.

“Fear Of The Dawn” comes next with fuzz buster sound and Jack White’s angry vocals. Interludes of drums and kick ass synth. Only on a mix like this would synth sound heavy. Not an easy feat. Excellent electric soloing here.

“Hi-De-Ho” as the title implies features a sample of Cab Calloway recalling the purity of sound from once upon a call and response tune. Superb vocals here.

“Eosophobia” means Fear of the Dawn so this is a clever way to word this title track without using the actual title. Haunting piano, guitar, and synths with great repeating riffs. The lyrics plead to escape dawn. Apologetic for the repitition of words. But how else to express this emotion?

“Into The Twilight” feature Manhattan Transfer samples that work against a backdrop of swinging riffs and beats. Dizzy Gillespie and William S. Burroughs are sampled too. A great stew. A feast for the ears.

2 Studio Albums in the Same Year

Both albums on Third Man Records.

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